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Chekar Fett
Submitted By: Chekar Nasreyc'aliit Date: September 02, 2011, 08:02:40 PM Views: 2456
Summary: The Bio of the FICTIONAL Chekar Fett.

Chekar Fett is a fanon character, created and developed as a character for RP purposes in an assortment of MMO's, including Second Life, and referenced in some RP done in the once great SWG. This character is not a profile on myself, and if you meet me, you may find we are somewhat different people.

Chekar Fett was born into the galaxy in a unique way. He awoke freefalling into Naboo's atmosphere with nothing but reinforced Beskar'gam, and what looked like a Jetpack on steriods. He had no memory. And at that very second, he didn't even have a name. All he really knew was that he was to become a portion of the Royal Palace if he didn't do something about his current situation. He did what he could to land, but even his obviously modified jetpack, made for this situation, did nothing. Lucky for him, he managed to make his way onto a shuttle that was landing. All it cost him was a rib, and the pain of hitting a Tantive class shuttle. He held on, and finally made it to the ground. Doing what he could to look inconspicuous, he slid off the shuttle, and landed with a thud. And then a groan. After that, he made his way to a hotel, where he managed to negotiate his way into an already occupied room. The only words said, ''I guess he's not going to be needing his speeder either.''. He assessed his situation, emptied his pockets, and looked for any information on that identity he no longer had. There was nothing. Just some credits, and a blank datapad. All he had for weapons was the Westar 34(I think) pistol he had holstered on his hip, and the heavily modified Beskad at his other hip, and the jeweled dagger also on his belt. The jetpack he had was useless, so he ditched it.
He then looked to the terminal on the wall. It was saying something about the death of the Clone Template, Jango Fett, and the first major battle in a war he's just now hearing about, and how heroic the Jedi were in the Republic's time of need. So Chekar thought for a long time. And came up with nothing. So he decided to make a new identity for himself. He knew Fett to be a Mandalorian, and decided the dagger on his belt must have been special to him. From there, he spawned his name: Chekar Fett.

He was also a sucker for war. He loved it. But of course, what would a Mandalorian with no Aliit, and no memory want to do more than feast among the corpses of his enemies? So he did just that. He took up the Separatist title, and went to war. Freelance, of course. ''Why join a side to take orders?''. He simply walked onto the battlefield, and raised hell onto the clone troopers.

After the war,  he found himself at a loss. Still no memory, and the name of a known outlaw. So he decided to do the only logical thing. He placed himself in stasis for a few hundred years. He was borne into the days of a war he could take no part in. Jedi, Sith, and Mando'a with Jetii blood. All disgraces. Why side with any of them?

In reality, Chekar himself wasn't a Mandalorian before his Nabooian encounter. He was a spy. With knowledge of the Mandalorians, their language, and much of their technology. Just before his cover was blown, he donned  some beskar, took some weapons, took a jetpack, and jumped out of the ship, just as it happened to be docked with a space station in Nabooian space. As he was falling, they found him out, firing at the jetpack he was going to use to land. They thought him dead, and figured there was no honor in what some call, ''The Double Tap.''.

He is incredibly sarcastic, and loves a good melee battle, prefering to strike from the shadows. He's never afraid to spill blood, innocent or not, and beleives that if they were truly innocent, they wouldn't meet him on the battlefield. He is often quiet to people he doesn't know, and refuses to take anything from anyone, help is the exception. He's typically brilliant, though he does have bouts of extreme stupidty, always overthinking things. He may be seen wearing beskar'gam with certain flairs from Clone Commando armor, like the glowing visor, and certain armor enhancing accutroments. While loving the dark, he refuses to wear black, prefering whites and greys, and his Beskar reflects it.

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