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Nico The Fett
Submitted By: Nico Fett Date: January 30, 2012, 01:06:58 PM Views: 3409
Summary: Biography of the Ani'latoon'alor and Snow King, Nico Fett

Homeworld:   Mandalore
Birthyear:   45 BBY
Species:   Human/Anzat hybrid
Gender:   Male
Height:   1.7 meters
Hair Color:   Black
Eye Color:   Brown (left), yellow (cybernetic right eye)
Cybernetics:   Cybernetic right eye
Affiliation:      Cuy'val Dar
                    Followers of Mandalore
                    New Mandalore Confederation

Nico Fett was an Anzati Mandalorian warrior active during the time of the Clone Wars and the first Galactic Civil War. He was born in the year 45 BBY on Mandalore to a human father and anzati mother, a direct blood descendant of the Mandalorian Wars’ Cassus Fett. He served as a Cuy’val Dar Trainer of the Grand Army of the Republic on Kamino, and eventually served as second in command to the Zeltron Mandalore known as Legion Harkonnen. Nico also was regarded by many Mandalorians (including the Mand'alor) as the Mandalorian War God of Snow.

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