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Title: Showcase your star wars Photoshops!
Post by: Nico Fett on January 28, 2012, 10:32:46 PM
A thread to show off Star Wars photo-manips and photoshops youve done :D

Nico duels Darth Bazii

A Jedi's last moments
Title: Re: Showcase your star wars Photoshops!
Post by: Fell_Skyhawk on August 02, 2012, 11:54:24 PM
LEGO Jaina Solo (Shan) and Cody Shan (AKA Fell Skyhawk)

Revenge of the Cousin!

T3-M4... I know, not photoshoped, but I modeled him and modeled the scene.

Guess what this is from, I redid a game model to make it better. Lighter grey parts are old model

Cousins Strike Back (This happened before the day one, I tried making lightning go through my saber... didn't work too well)

"Oopse, I thought you said these were just toys!"

Jaina Solo's Lightsaber based on both cannon source images, toy action figure hilt, and fan made designs for unseen areas.

Etain Tur-Mukan's saber.

Photoshoped Fanfic Cover I made... or rather in process of making.

Another fanfic cover, story may never get even started though.

Recolor, I didn't draw this but I did recolor it and add the ancient Mandalore mask for Lindley and Zamel's RP wedding present.

Fell Skyhawk aka Cody Shan. In my defense I've had me as a character with orange and black armor since 2004 or so, well before meeting Nico. Great minds think alike. Anyway, so one could say this is Nico, especially since I would have orange lightsabers in hand (or a DC-17), not pistols.

Finally one last epic saber fight with my cousin.  :P

I have more, but these were the ones I could come up with easily.