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Author Topic: Shereshoy Veeray'tsad "Motor City Comic Con" Invasion Debriefing  (Read 2351 times)

Nico Fett

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Invasion Location: Motor City Comic Con – Novi, MI (USA)
Date: May 13 - 15, 2011
Veeray'tsad Involved: Shereshoy
Mission Objective: To strengthen the unity of the Shereshoy Veeray'tsad and to improve relations with the local 501st Garrison and Rebel Legion while raising money for the Verd’ika Fund.

Invasion Report: The Followers of Mandalore's Shereshoy Veeray'tsad along with the Mandalorian Mercs Suumpir'ade Clan dominated the Motor City Comic Con in Novi, Michigan this weekend. Motor City is the largest comic convention in Michigan and the Mercs were treated like the stars they are. With the addition of a few attention grabbing posters, the debut of Verd'ika Bear, and a shiny new jail cell, the Mercs booth snagged the attention of everyone.

The Mandalorians managed to capture over 40 live bounties during the weekend including Jedi, soldiers, and a very strange pirate who kept asking about his rum. In addition to raising money, the Mercs also saved the local 501st in their droid hunt for the second year in a row, proving that Mandalorians are by far the best hunters in the galaxy. Several members also managed to capture and contain a live wampa, much to the joy of a certain blonde jedi. Over the course of Saturday and Sunday between bounty hunts and the raffling of two awesome sets of armor, the Mercs were able to raise $500 for the Verd’ika Fund.

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